About Us

TRACY CASS joined the New York State Police in 1990 and served for 21+ years. During that time, she was fortunate enough to work as a road patrol trooper, an undercover narcotics officer, a uniformed sergeant and ultimately as an investigator for the last ten years of her career.

She has worked in every corner of the state, including NYC.  Tracy has investigated hundreds of cases including homicides, white collar crimes, child sexual abuse, rape, robbery, burglary and many more.  

Tracy also worked undercover for several years conducting surveillance, counter-surveillance and working with confidential informants.

Working with the State Police allowed her to work with many different agencies locally, federally and nationally.  Tracy has been assigned to many dignitaries that have visited upstate New York, including President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Governers Pataki, Spitzer and Patterson.  

Her Advanced courtroom experience includes hearings and trials in Federal, State, Local and Family Courts.  She retired in 2012 to work as a private investigator.  


We provide a multitude of services in many different areas of law in every corner of New York State.  We currently work on criminal defenses cases, family court cases, and civil litigation cases.  We have also provide investigative services for those who feel they do no want to involve law enforcement until a complete investigations has been conducted.  We respect people's privacy and never divulge information involving our work.

Our areas of expertise include:

College Sexual Assault investigations

Personal injury Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Child Abuse investigations

Missing person cases

Criminal Defense Investigations



Gathering Evidence

Surveillance - Physical and real time GPS

Skip Tracing

Asset Search

Forensic Accounting

Social Media Searches

Full Background searches

Driver's license information

Business reports

Process Service