Our clients speak

​​"Even though we are now 15 years into the 21st century, even though the internet has made so many things available at the click of a mouse, people can still make themselves hard to find. People can still hide information, and people can still obscure the truth if they have a good enough reason to do so. However, the truth cannot be changed, and thanks to Tracy Cass, the right people were found, the right questions were asked,  and the facts were revealed. I write this a free man; acquitted of all charges and on the way to getting my life back. 

I would 100% recommend Cass Investigations to any person who needs the services of a Legitimate Private Investigator. If there’s any lead, she will follow up on it, and then some. If there’s a detail that doesn’t make sense, she will find it and make sense of it. Tracy will give 110% to get to the truth, even if someone is actively trying to hide it."

Matt R.